Providing more than 50 percent of the bread crumbs in the US, Quality Bakery is high volume, low cost and SQF Level III Certified–to meet your recipe and production requirements.

Retail. Our label, Quality Hearth, or yours. Custom mixes. Multiple sizes.

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Since 1962, a market leader

Quality Bakery sets the standard for quality, consistency, safety, production and packaging. And we are innovators in every stage of the process - from recipe creation and customization to packaging options. That's why we continue to stay ahead of a fast-growing market for bread crumbs, melba toast and flat breads.


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Private label and in bulk

We provide bread crumbs across the country to large food companies, broadline distributors, restaurant operators, and US grocery chains. Our ability to deliver a high-quality, low-cost product enables our customers to deliver market-leading products and improve bottom line results.


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Plain, Italian Style, Panko - or custom

Our team is adept at meeting recipe requirements for custom herb and spice blends, and then delivering the production efficiencies to meet your production and distribution requirements. Our state-of-the-art packaging system delivers high-impact graphics that compete with branded products, with higher level of biodegradability than other competitors. Our bread crumbs are available in 10 oz, 15 oz, 24 oz and 40 oz.


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Quality, speed, and value

SQF Level III Certified and a "Superior" rating by the American Institute of Baking for over 10 years. Plus, we're one of the only vertically integrated bread crumb suppliers in the US. That's why Quality Bakery represents more than 50 percent of the bread crumbs produced.